Online Portal :

  • An online MIS portal for Micro Irrigation has been created.
  • It has been designed and developed by C-DAC Mohali.
  • The beneficiaries shall be able to login and apply directly at the portal.
  • The portal shall help in preparation and approval of estimates and disbursement of assistance to beneficiaries.
  • The beneficiaries, officers as well as approved companies will be able to login and check the status of Micro Irrigation project.

Terms and conditions:

  • Assistance can be availed by Individual/Community/Govt or Non Govt organization/ Board/Corporation/Industry/Institute etc on land under agriculture/horticulture.
  • Enlisting of the beneficiaries shall be open round the year facilitating submission of applications by beneficiaries any time for availing the benefit of financial assistance under the scheme.
  • The beneficiary shall be selected on first-come-first-served basis.
  • An individual eligible to receive the benefits under the scheme is required to furnish proof of possession of Aadhaar Number or undergo Aadhaar registration.
  • Depending upon the type of crop, a farmer can avail assistance for sprinkler as well as drip irrigation, however, assistance for both sprinkler and drip irrigation will not be available for a crop on the same plot/field being cultivated by the farmer.
  • All beneficiaries shall have to submit requisite documents such as land record, Map etc at their own expense.
  • The farmer shall deposit beneficiary share after approval of estimate to respective Divisional Soil Conservation Officer.
  • The beneficiary will be responsible for carrying out all additional electrical and mechanical works at his own cost. No assistance from project shall be provided from the project for such works.
  • All eligible beneficiaries shall accord their consent to avail of the scheme in writing to the Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, who shall then process the request as per the guidelines.

Sanction of individual projects :

  • A technical estimate sanction letter shall be accorded to each project by Divisional Soil Conservation officer, Conservator of Soils, and Chief Conservation of Soils upto as per competency under the existing financial powers.
  • The technical sanction letter also indicates the tentative total cost, the amount of subsidy and the amount of farmers share.
  • The copy of the sanction letter shall be issued to the concerned farmer, the Firm/ Supplier and to all concerned department officers.
  • The actual implementation shall start after the issue of technical sanction letter.

Supply and Installation :

  • After delivery of the material at site, the firm will intimate in writing to the concerned Divisional Soil Conservation Officer along with a copy of invoice.
  • The acknowledgement of material receipt at the site will be given by the beneficiary and he will be responsible for the safe custody of the material.
  • The Divisional Soil Conservation Officer will depute the Soil Conservation Officer as in charge of the project, who will inspect the material in the presence of representative of the firm and the farmer.
  • The material will be inspected in terms of Quality, BIS Stamping, Make of the item, and Quantity of the material as per invoice.
  • The concerned officer, farmer and representative of the firm will jointly sign the inspection report with Month, Date and Time.
  • One copy of the inspection report will be given to the farmer by the firm and to the Divisional Soil Conservation Officer.
  • The discrepancies/ deficiencies found will be noted on the inspection report and there rectification will be got done within 7 days from the concerned firm.

Disbursement of Assistance :

  • After successful installation and commissioning of project, payment shall be issued by Divisional Soil Conservation Officer to the concerned.
  • In case farmers pays only beneficiary share, total cost of project including beneficiary share and subsidy amount shall be issued to firm/supplier.
  • In the case of 100% payment by the farmer, subsidy amount will be released to the beneficiary/ farmer.
  • In case of beneficiary is taking 100% loan from the bank, subsidy amount will be sent to the bank for crediting in the loan account of beneficiary.

List of Approved companies : To ensure the transparency and maintenance of quality for supply and installation of Micro Irrigation systems, the following 15 Companies have been selected and approved through e-tendering system:

Sr. No.Name of Company
1Arihant Industries
2Baghbaan Vinimay Pvt. Ltd.,
3Balson Polyplast Pvt Ltd
4Bharat Drip Irrigation and Agro
5Finolex Plasson Industries Pvt. Ltd.
6Harvel Agua India Pvt. Ltd.
7Jain Irrigation System Ltd
8Jamidar Pipe Industries
9Khedut Irrigation India Pvt Ltd
10Kisan Sales Enterprises
11Mahindra EPC Industries LTD
12Netafim Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd.,
13Nimbus Pipes Ltd.
14Rathi Polyplast Pvt Ltd
15Rivulis Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd.
16Rungta Irrigation Ltd.
17Shree Salasar Industries
18Signet Industries Ltd
19True Value Irrigation System
20Westwell Polytubes

Empanelment is open for more companies who wish to works as per guidelines and approved rates in the state.

Rates and Unit Cost Norms : Component-wise rates have been invited through Online E-tendering system and Unit Cost Norms have been worked out on the basis of Minimum Item-wise rates finalized vide E-tender in Punjab during 2020-21 in line with BoQ of GoI Guidelines under PMKSY.

Quality Control Mechanism :The registered Manufacturers/ Suppliers will supply only BIS marked material as per Controller of Stores Rate Contract or Govt. approval. Frequent Quality Checks will be carried out by Officers of the Department and other monitoring agencies.

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