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MISSION STATEMENT : "Conservation and Management of Soil, Water and related Natural Resources and enhancing Agriculture Productivity of the State."

Introduction : Approximately 70% area of Punjab is facing ground water depletion with 112 blocks have been declared over-exploited/ dark blocks. South–western districts are battling with salinity and water-logging. About 10% area is under various forms of degradation due to soil erosion. Most programmes of the department aim at mitigating the harmful effects of these problems with suitable activities of judicious use and effective management of soil and water resources. The Department of Soil and Water Conservation was established as an independent Department in the year 1969. Earlier, it was a wing of Agriculture Department. Presently, Department has 4 Circles and 17 Divisions including 14 Divisions involved in soil & water conservation works and 3 other divisions that provide machinery, survey, training & capacity building support.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To enhance productivity with the limited resources without adversely affecting natural resources in terms of ground water, soil health and environment.
  • Efficient use of irrigation water and on-farm management of water resources
  • Increasing productivity, rainwater harvesting and control of soil erosion in sub-mountainous kandi areas

Contribution to the State:

  • Promotion of Underground Pipeline Systems (UGPS) for efficient on-farm use Promotion of Underground Pipeline Systems (UGPS) for on-farm water conservation on 5.13 lakh hectares of canal and tubewell commands under RKVY and State schemes;
  • Promotion of Micro Irrigation (Drip & Sprinklers) for efficient use of irrigation water on 34,824 ha. under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)-Per Drop More Crop and State schemes;
  • 726 Rainwater Harvesting & recharging structures constructed for storage, irrigation and natural recharge benefiting 20,162 ha of kandi area under GoI and State schemes;
  • 56 Innovative irrigation projects undertaken for utilization of treated water from Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) of various cities/ towns for irrigating 7,740 ha. with funding from State schemes, PPCB, GLADA, GMADA, Local Bodies etc.
  • 54 irrigation projects from Village Ponds installed on pilot basis in over-exploited blocks under RKVY-Other Interventions scheme of Rural Development Deptt.
  • More than 1.25 lakh ha of wastelands & degraded lands benefited under Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) scheme of Rural Development Deptt.
Major Interventions of Department

Underground Pipeline System for Irrigation :

  • Promotion of Underground Pipeline Systems (UGPS) for efficient on-farm use of irrigation water in canal command areas and in tubewell commands;
  • Capital assistance @90% on Community UGPS projects mainly in canal command areas.
  • Subsidy @50% on Individual UGPS projects in tubewell commands areas.

Micro Irrigation (Drip and Sprinklers) : Subsidy @80% to farmers

  • CSS RKVY: 45% (60:40 Sharing)
  • RIDF-20: 35%
  • Addl. 10% for SF/MF/SC/Women

Utilizing Treated Water for Irrigation from Sewerage Treatment Plants Of The State :

  • The Department is constructing projects for use of treated water from Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) of various towns/cities with funding from various sources like NABARD-RIDF-18, PPCB, GLADA, GMADA, Local Bodies etc.

Rainwater Harvesting in Kandi area of the State :

  • Construction of Rainwater Harvesting & recharging structures for storage, irrigation and natural recharge under RIDF-17 and IWMP schemes.
  • Implemented in sub-mountainous areas of Pathankot, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, SBS Nagar and SAS Nagar.

Watershed based Projects :

  • Implemented under Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) of Deptt. of Rural Development.
  • 67 projects underway in 14 districts
  • Major Works: Land leveling, Renovation of ponds, Drainage Line Treatment, Plantation, Retaining Walls and Rainwater Harvesting, Farm Production, Livelihood Generation.

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